2017 Iron Butt Rally

Date last revised: April 20, 2020

Riders tracking page  
    2017 Tracking courtesy of Jason Jonas at Spotwalla.com
Daily Rally Reports - PDF format   About the scribe John Harrison
    Friday June 23 Day -3 Anticipation, nerves, and teamwork
    Saturday June 24 Day -2 Process, correction, direction
    Sunday June 25 Day -1 Anticipation, admonition, calculation
    Start Video - 7 minutes by Jerry White Notes: flashing lights are not really flashing it is sync of shutter and light, the two riders at the end were held back as they did not show up in time for check-out
    Monday June 26 - The start! Nerves, waiting, rolling
    Tuesday June 27 Correction, bonus, travel
    Wednesday June 28 Now it starts to get exciting and how the Safari format works!
    Wednesday June 28 Report #2 I.T. issues and String Theory
    Spotwalla Leg one animation by Jason Jonas
    Thursday June 29 - Photos Allen, Texas Checkpoint one PHOTOS by Richard Swim
    Thursday June 29 Allen, Texas Checkpoint one results
    Thursday June 29 Points per mile - by Tim Bowman (nothing official but fun to ponder)
    Thursday June 29 SPOTWALLA Leg 2 ACTIVE animation (updated once per hour until end of Leg 2)
    Friday June 30 Storms, stress, and scoring
    Friday June 30 - UPDATE Damage Assements
    Saturday July 1 Challenges, withdrawal, dread
    Saturday July 1 - Photos Allen, Texas Checkpoint TWO PHOTOS by Richard Swim
    Sunday July 2 Checkpoint TWO results
    Monday July 3 Music, fog, and beasts
    Monday July 3 One of them (Sidebar report)
    Tuesday July 4 Independence, Issues, Assistance
    Spotwalla Leg THREE animation the players have jumped off the chess board - by Jason Jonas
    A cold night in the loo When a short cut goes bad...
    Wednesday July 5 Heartbreak, Barns, and Boats
    Wednesday July 5 - Sidebar Evolution
    Thursday July 6 - Sidebar Difficulty, naysayers, effort
    Thursday July 6 Pressure, points, finishing
    Friday July 7 Rick Corwine FINISH photos
    Spotwalla ENTIRE RALLY animation by Jason Jonas
    Friday July 7 2017 Iron Butt Rally RESULTS
    Final Ride Report 2017 Iron Butt Rally Epilog
    Friday July 7 2017 IBR Rally Book (10 meg download)
    Leg ONE points Handed to riders the night before the start
    Leg TWO points Handed to riders 4:20 am the morning after checkpoint 1
    Leg THREE points Handed to riders 4:20 am the morning after checkpoint 1
    Google Map of all bonus destinations by Kevin Landis
Reports from the outside world  
    IBR Behind the Scenes A behid the scenes look by Tim Masterson
    Dillion Spink interview by Jerry White Why do the IBR on a 40 year old motorcycle?! (3 minutes)
    Chuck Lackey interview by Jerry White An insite to the mind of a new IBR rider (3 minutes)
    Jerry White videos Index of Jerry White start videos
    IBR Start checkpoint photos by Rick Corwine
Rider thoughs from the start  
    Kirsten Talken Spaulding Start Kirsten Talken Spaulding's tech check thoughts
IBR Rules  
    2017 Rules PDF for the tech inspired on what riders need to know